Monday, October 15, 2012

Unconditional Approval

ChangeSeveral people have asked us why an approver is not able to add a comment when approving a change. After all, if an approver rejects a change, it is possible to enter a comment. In such cases it's actually mandatory to specify the reason for the rejection.

Rejection Reason
Why would ITRP not want an approver to add a comment when an approval is provided? It's very simple.

An approval typically causes the next task(s) of the change workflow to be assigned. This would cause problems when an approver clicked on "Approve" and added a comment like: "I approve the change provided that it is delayed until next year." The approver may not have wanted to sound negative by clicking on "Reject", but the fact is that (s)he is rejecting the timing of the proposed change.

In such cases it is important that the approver clicks on "Reject". A rejection ensures that the workflow gets halted and that the change manager is informed. This gives the change manager a chance to adjust the planning. Once the implementation plan has been adjusted, the change manager can set the approval task back to "Assigned" so that the approver receives a new approval email with an updated Change Summary PDF. At this point the approver should be able to provide an unconditional approval.

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