Monday, September 3, 2012

Serve Your Customers in Their Language

TranslateLet's consider a real-life situation. There is this IT organization that supports businesses in Portugal, Spain and Italy. The specialists of this organization are spread over all three of these countries. Internally, they use English to communicate with each other. The end users, however, expect to be served in either Portuguese, Spanish or Italian. There are sufficient language skills within the IT organization to handle this, but it poses an interesting challenge when the end users go online to submit new requests.

When Self Service opens, it checks the user's language preference and ensures that the interface is presented in this language. That's not new and it has always worked well when the language of the end users is the same as the language used by the IT specialists.

But when the services and request templates have been registered in English, and the end users need to be able to select them in Portuguese, Spanish or Italian, then they need to be translated.

Self Service in Spanish
So that's exactly what you are now able to do. You can translate the records that your users will see in Self Service in the Settings console. There you will see the new "Translations" option. After you've clicked on it, you can select a language and then you're ready to translate.

Before starting any translations, though, please check the account settings to ensure that the language that is used within the IT support organization is set correctly.

ITRP Account Language
This new translation feature is ideal for service providers that support a multilingual user community.