Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Numbers with Letters

OrganizationMore and more people are using the softphone on their computer to make phone calls. When they are working in ITRP, they can simply click on a telephone number and their softphone will dial the number. Much faster than manually dialing the number, right?

But some organizations like to present their phone numbers in letters. For example, if they tell you their number is 1-800-DIAL-NOW, you are supposed to figure out that you actually need to dial 1-800-342-5669. This has never given me any joy, but that's neither here nor there.

Telephone number with letters
What matters is that ITRP now takes care of the decrypting for you.

You are about to make a callJust click on a phone number with letters and ITRP automatically converts the letters to numbers.

Are we taking this CTI thing too far?
Perhaps. But it was fun to build.

You can read about the more serious features of the CTI integration in the post Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).