Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Empower Your Super Users

PersonTeams that are responsible for maintaining business applications often rely on super users (also known as key users or power users) in the business to help them. These super users act as the go-to person for any end user who needs help with, for example, SAP. If support is required from the SAP support team, the super user will submit the request. Thanks to the super users, such requests explain what is needed in a language the SAP specialists can understand.

Now these super users can use Self Service to submit such requests on behalf of their colleagues. This ensures that both the original requester and the super user are kept up to date on the progress of the request.

Submit a request for someone else

This new feature in Self Service is also useful when an executive assistant needs to submit a request on behalf of an executive.

Requested for people

And when your PC stops working? Just ask one of your colleagues to submit a request for you in Self Service.

After selection of someone else