Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unknown Errors?

ProblemWorkarounds can be used to get end users, who suffer from an incident, back to work quickly. ITRP automatically suggests workarounds in the Known Errors section of the Service Hierarchy Browser when a new request is being registered.

That is why it is important to define a workaround for each reactively identified problem. The sooner this gets done, the better. It is one of those useful guidelines offered by ITIL for the problem management process.

To draw a problem manager's attention to problems for which a workaround still needs to be found, we have added a column to the Problems views. A small warning sign is now displayed in this column for each problem that does not yet have a workaround defined for it.

Problems without a workaround
This should make it easy to spot the problems that still need some work before ITRP can suggest them as known errors to the service desk analysts and specialists who are working on incidents.