Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Template Your Way Down the Service Hierarchy

Request TemplateWe recently extended the ability to apply templates to existing requests. Why, you ask?

Let's say an end user submitted a request using Self Service, but did not select the appropriate template. The service desk analyst who picks up this request is now able to apply this template to correct the assignment and categorization of the request.

For a more advanced example, let's look at a specialist who has determined that a request needs to be passed to the corporate data center.

Incident for External Service Provider
Request Templates in the Service Hierarchy BrowserIf the data center has made a template available for this type of request, the specialist can simply apply it. The specialist can then follow the instructions provided by the template to ensure that all the required information is provided in the request. The template will also ensure that the request is sent to the correct team within the data center and that it gets the correct resolution target. If the data center had linked the request template to a change template, a new change will even get generated for the request and its workflow will automatically be started.

Because this also works across different ITRP accounts, external service providers can use this feature to provide useful templates to their customers.