Monday, May 21, 2012

Set Up Your ITRP Email Archive

EmailNow you can keep a complete history of all the email that ITRP has generated on your organization's behalf. To ensure compliance with privacy regulations it may be important to be able to show auditors which notifications have been sent out and to whom. In addition, ITRP administrators will appreciate the ability to verify that a certain email message was indeed sent out to a specific person at a specific date and time.

Archived email
Setting up your orgnization's email archive is easy. An ITRP account administrator can do this in the Email Policies section of the Settings console by simply entering an email address. Once entered, ITRP will send a blind carbon copy (Bcc) of each email it generates to this email address.

Email archive
Just make sure access to this email account is restricted to prevent anyone from tampering with the messages that are stored in it.