Thursday, May 17, 2012

Embrace Negative Feedback

RequestA great service desk manager recognizes the opportunity when an end user claims to be dissatisfied. If the feedback is treated seriously and in a timely fashion, this end user can often be turned into a vocal supporter of the IT support organization.

Earlier this year, we introduced the ability to allow end users to provide feedback after one of their requests has been completed. Now we have extended this feature so that service desk managers can effectively manage the feedback that still requires attention.

Addressed buttonOnce the dissatisfaction of the requester has been fully dealt with, the service desk manager can click on the Addressed button to move the request to the list of addressed requests that had a dissatisfied requester.

Requests with Dissatisfied Requester
When the service desk manager opens the "Requests with Dissatisfied Requester" view, only the requests that still need to be addressed will be listed. This makes it easy to find the ones that still need to be taken care of.