Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Service DeskNow it is possible to launch the Service Desk console of ITRP from the softphone on your computer. Why is this important?

Many organizations route the calls from end users directly to the PCs of the service desk analysts. When this happens, a service desk analyst can pick up the call and at the same time a new browser window will open. The ITRP Service Desk console with all the details and history of the caller will immediately be presented in this new browser window. This allows the analyst to concentrate on the issue of the user instead of spending the first part of the call determining who is calling.

How easy is this to configure? It depends a bit on the IP telephony system that is used, but all it needs to do is launch a new browser window with a URL that ends with the telephone number of the caller. This URL should look like this:               

Try this with a real ITRP account and telephone number. Just replace "example" with the ID of your organization's ITRP account (you can find this account ID in the "Account Overview" section of the Settings console) and replace the number with your telephone number. Then copy/paste this URL in the address bar of your browser and hit Enter.

The result should be similar to what you see below.

ITRP Service Desk Console
It does not matter how the phone numbers are registered in ITRP. Your number could be written as "+1 (123) 456 7890" or "123-456-7890" or just "4567890". ITRP will find it.

It also does not matter if an end user calls from her work, mobile or home number. As long as the number is specified in ITRP, ITRP will find the caller. And if your phone system passes the phone number as "+11234567890" or "0011234567890" or "4567890" or something different still, then ITRP is OK with that.

The computer telephony integration is bi-directional, which makes this relevant even if you are not a service desk analyst. When you see the telephone number or Skype name of a user displayed in ITRP, you can click on it to call this person right from your PC.

Just call me if you have any questions.