Monday, March 12, 2012

Ask the Manager of the Requester

Task TemplateWhen an end user uses Self Service to request, for example, an external hard disk drive, you may want to first ask the manager of the requester for approval.

Fortunately, it was already possible in ITRP to specify who someone's manager is.

Manager of a Person
Now you can make use of this link between a person and his or her manager to automatically assign an approval task to the manager of someone who submitted a request. After an end user has made a selection in Self Service, his or her manager will then be asked for approval. To make this work, the workflow of the selected type of request needs to contain an approval task template in which the option "Requester's manager" is checked.

Requester's Manager
This feature ensures that change managers no longer need to manually figure out who the manager of the requester is. This will speed things up for the business and it will help you drive down the costs of the change management process even further.

But what if the end user did not use Self Service and instead contacted the service desk by phone or email to submit the request? In that case, the service desk analyst can apply the same request template to automatically link the appropriate workflow (including the necessary approval tasks) to the request. Even if the service desk analyst did not make use of the correct request template to help with the registration of the request, then the workflow can still be applied to the request at a later stage by relating a new change to the request and selecting the change template that contains the workflow.