Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Extended Change Approval

ChangeWhen someone's approval is required for a change, this person automatically receives an email asking for his or her approval. That's nothing new.

What is new is that ITRP automatically attaches a PDF summary of the change to this email. This allows approvers in the business to review the requirements, timing and impact of the change without having to access ITRP. The summary of the change is provided in the user's language and the dates and times are presented in the user's time zone.

Change Summary for ApproverThe most important benefit of having this summary of the change in portable document format is that it represents a snapshot of the change. So the approvers have proof of what they approved even if the change is subsequently updated.

Another nice feature that makes life a little easier for the approvers is that they can provide their approval by simply clicking on a link within the email.

Approval EmailAfter clicking on the approval link, they will see this notification.

Thank You for Your Approval.pngIf an approver clicks on the "Reject" link, he or she will be asked to provide a reason for the rejection:

Rejection ReasonOnce the reason for the rejection has been provided, the approver will see the following notification:

Task Set to RejectedEspecially nice is the fact that ITRP now also lets you request approval from people who work for other organizations that use ITRP. When these people act as a customer representative for one or more of your services, you can request their approval before you implement a change.

We hope these new features meet with your approval...