Monday, January 23, 2012

You Can Get Satisfaction

Now there's a quick and easy way to ask your users for feedback. No, this does not involve an annoying questionnaire; it is a simple Yes or No question.

This question is part of the email a user receives when the work on his or her request has been completed. You can adjust this text in the Email Templates section of the Settings console. By default it looks like this:

Request Completed Email NotificationA user does not need to do anything, but can click on the "Yes" link to express his or her satisfaction. Unhappy users can click on the "No" link. That lets them explain why they are not satisfied.

Provide Additional FeedbackIf users are happy with the solution, but not with the way it was provided, they can submit their feedback. On the other hand, if they are not happy with the solution, they can also reopen the request.

Thank You for your feedbackThe members of the service desk team are automatically notified when someone has indicated to be dissatisfied. This allows the service desk to take immediate action to ensure that the user's confidence in the IT support organization is restored.

Finally, we have made it easy to track and manage the requests that users were disappointed with. When you go to the Records console and select "Requests", you will find a new view that lists all requests with a dissatisfied requester.

Requests with Dissatisfied Requester ViewNo longer will frustrations mount unnoticed. You now have the tools to turn disappointed users into devoted fans.