Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tell ITRP to Call Your Servers

WebhooksNow you can define webhooks in ITRP. Webhooks are used to tell ITRP to call a script on one of your own web servers whenever a certain event occurs. Think of webhooks as push notifications or event listeners.

You can configure webhooks by specifying a URI that you would like ITRP to POST information to any time a certain event happens in your ITRP account.

Adding a webhookFor instance, if you would like to receive a notification every time a request is created in your ITRP account, you can add a webhook by selecting the request.create method and entering the URI.

This webhook will then call a specific script on one of your web servers every time a new request is registered in your account. This script can subsequently perform the actions you define. It could, for example, use the ITRP API to collect information about the request and use that information to generate an email.

Check out our developer documentation for more details.