Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Self Service Branding

It is time to take the next step in 'branding' your ITRP environment. Today we shall focus on ITRP Self Service.

You can give your end users a self service environment that they recognize. This will make them more comfortable when they need to submit a new request or when they check the progress of the requests they submitted earlier.

We already discussed the branding of your login page, but this page will be bypassed when your organization has configured single sign-on. In that case it is even more important to welcome your end users in an environment they recognize as theirs.

There are a number ways in which you can adjust the styling of your organization's self service environment. The most important are the position of a logo in the header and the background color of this header. An example of a customized self service environment is presented below:

Branding ITRP Self Service
It is easy to do this. The account administrator of your organization's ITRP account can find a complete example in the online help. The help for the Settings console offers a link to the Account Design help page. That is where the link to the CSS injection examples can be found. Look for the one that is called "Self Service".