Monday, May 23, 2011

Now You're Always There for Your Customers

Self Service has been released. If your organization is already using ITRP, your customers can now look up the status of their requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere (yes, they can even use their iPad).

Your customers can also use Self Service to submit new requests. We've made it easy for them. Self Service asks a few simple questions, making use of the information that is already registered in ITRP.

From the SLA information, Self Service knows which services the customer uses. The CMDB (configuration management database), tells Self Service which configuration items the customer has. The request templates allow the customer to select a topic for which requests are frequently submitted.

Based on the selections that the customer makes, Self Service knows which support team to assign the request to. This takes some of the load off the service desk, which allows them to further improve support.

One especially powerful Self Service feature is the ability for customers to request standard changes. Such requests automatically generate a new change using the appropriate change template. The workflow defined in the change template is immediately kicked off without any administrative effort from a change manager.

Once all the tasks of the change have been completed successfully, the customer's request is automatically updated and the customer gets notified that the change has been implemented. What are change managers going to do with all this extra time?