Sunday, April 17, 2011

Email Template Maintenance Made Easy

Email notifications are used, for example, to inform an IT specialist that a new task has been assigned to her, or to let someone know that his request has been resolved. There are many other types of email notifications that help you keep your IT organization running smoothly.

ITRP Email TemplatesAs of today, it is easy to maintain the information that these email notifications contain. If you are the account administrator of your organization's ITRP account, you will now see the "Email Templates" option listed in the menu of the Settings console. When you select this option, the complete list of email templates is displayed. Each email template can be edited without having to learn a scripting language. The templates can even be translated into multiple languages to ensure that the language preferences of the receiver are taken into account when an email notification is generated.

Apart from making it easy to maintain the email templates, you are now also able to specify the signature that is to be placed underneath every email notification that ITRP generates on behalf of your organization. You can do this by clicking on the "Email Policy" option in the Settings console. This feature allows updates of the signature to be completed in a matter of seconds and ensures that such updates are applied consistently to all email templates.