Sunday, April 17, 2011

Added the Start & Forward Buttons to the Toolbar

To further minimize the number of mouse clicks needed to accomplish repetitive tasks, we have added 2 more buttons to the toolbar for handling assignments (i.e. requests, problems and tasks). The toolbar already offered the Accept and Decline buttons and now we have added the Start and Forward buttons.

The Start button allows users to set the status of an assignment to "In Progress" with a single mouse click. Setting an assignment to the "In Progress" status informs others that you are working on it. This is helpful for service desk analysts who keep track of requests, problem managers who need problems to be analyzed, and change managers who monitor the tasks of their changes. The "In Progress" status is especially important for requests. When a request is set to "In Progress", it means that someone has started to work on it, which in turn means that the support organization has responded to the request. So, making it easy to set an assignment to the "In Progress" status will encourage people to keep the status of their assignments up to date.

The second button that was added is the Forward button. This button is primarily intended for team coordinators. It makes it easier for them to pass assignments that have been placed in the team's inbox to a specific member of the team. But assignees can also use this button to reassign a request, problem or task to another member of their team, without first having to go into Edit mode.